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Crafting Love: DIY Upcycled Vase Tutorial for a Heartfelt (Last-Minute) Mother's Day Gift

Turn spare moments into cherished memories with this effortless upcycled vase craft – perfect for an easy last-minute flourish!

Two tin cans covered with wrapping paper and filled with flowers
Upcycled Tin Can Vases

Making this DIY Mother's Day Gift is a simple, personal way to show you care about Mum, even if you're short on time or money. It's eco-friendly and lets you be creative. The finished vase isn't just for flowers; it's a unique, thoughtful keepsake that adds a special touch to Mum's home.

Start by assembling your supplies. You will need:

  • Used and cleaned tin cans. Careful (!) as there can be sharp edges. Use a hammer to bang down sharp edges or sand them down. If all else fails cover them with thick tape e.g. electrical tape

  • Mod Podge or PVA glue

  • Brush to apply Mod Podge or glue

  • Scissors

  • Old wrapping or wallpaper

  • Ribbon (optional).

A tub of Mod Podge sitting on a table
Mod Podge

Using the brush, apply Mod Podge on your tin can. Be generous!

A brush applies glue to a tin can
Apply your Mod Podge

Cut your paper to fit around the can, leaving an edge of about 2 inches at either end and stick it on.

A tin can wrapped in paper
Wrap your tin can in paper

Snip vertically around the top and bottom, about 2 inches apart.

A hand holding up a tin can wrapped in paper
Snip the edges

Fold over the edges, top and bottom, using the Mod Podge liberally to stick them down.

Add your optional ribbon using a blob of Mod Podge to hold it in place.

Leave to dry for about 12 hours to allow the PVA glue/Mod Podge to clear. If you are in a rush, never fear, fill your vase with flowers from the garden and Mum will be so delighted she won't notice the wet glue! (If you don't have the luxury of flowers from the garden add some paper flowers

A tin can wrapped in paper with a ribbon around it
Add a ribbon for a special touch

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