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Environmental Management Plan

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We love our wild friends here at Milberry Green Meadows. We're lucky enough to have a large variety of species on our land including pipistrelle bats, red kites, bunnies, shrews, mice and moles. That's why we've created an environmental management plan, to show how we care for nature and people.

  1. We focus on the great outdoors and keeping it green

  2. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning and washing products.

  3. We let our hedges grow into hedgerows creating food for the birds and flutterbies.

  4. We allow wild spaces including nestles and thistles to create habitat for wild friends including insects, small mammals and birds.

  5. We keep pigs and use their manure in our compost.

  6. Our BBQ boxes are free range.

  7. There is no electricity to the bell tents encouraging you to live with less power.

  8. Any lighting to communal areas is LED or solar so low power consumption.

  9. Ash from fires and compostable waste is combined in wooden compost bins to turn into compost for our garden.

  10. Plastic, glass and paper are recycled.

  11. We upcycle and reuse vintage items where possible.

  12. Straw bales on site e.g. for seating after use go into the pig pen, so are not wasted.

  13. We pay a living wage to our employees

  14. We support local suppliers, and growers of seasonal organic food.

  15. We use low flow shower heads and taps to conserve water.

  16. We use innovative waterless toilets and compost our biowaste.

  17. We provide secure lock-ups for bikes, and local pickups for hikers and suggested walking and cycling routes, encouraging walking and cycling.

We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in nature while you are on our site! And if you want to learn more about the species that can be found here, why not take our Nature Trail Quiz?


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