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Milberry Green Meadows - How to entertain a teenager with no Wi-Fi!

We're well aware that quite a few of our guests are drawn to Milberry Green Meadows because they yearn for the peace of parting ways with their electronic devices, if only for a brief moment. However, we acknowledge that not every member of your merry band might share the same level of enthusiasm for this grand digital detox adventure!

So hark, ye brave souls venturing into the digital desert. When faced with a teenager deprived of the sacred WiFi, fear not, for there are still adventures to be had in the analogue realm.

1. Get your game face on! Dive into the exciting world of board games and card games that tickle your teen’s fancy. Whether you're wheeling and dealing in Monopoly, spelling up a storm in Scrabble, conquering uncharted lands in Settlers of Catan, or throwing down wild cards in Uno, the game is on, and fun is the name of the game!

2. Time to unleash your teen’s wild side! Embrace the great outdoors and soak up the sun. Hike like an explorer, picnic like a pro, kick it up with football, or take flight with a frisbee. Nature beckons, and adventure awaits just beyond your tent door! (Read our blog on geocaching for some extra inspiration.)

3. Let your teen’s inner artist shine! Pack some art supplies and dive headfirst into a world of creativity. Draw, paint, fold your way into origami magic, or get crafty with DIY projects like friendship bracelets and custom keychains. Your imagination is the limit!

4. Stirring up a storm in the camp kitchen! Get your teen to don their chef's hat and whip up some tasty treats. Let them elbow Dad out of the way and take charge of the barbecue. Or perhaps they can perfect the perfect custom s’more over the firepit. Take the lead with a dash of guidance – it's a culinary collaboration!

5. Prepare them for a mind-boggling ride! Challenge their noggins with puzzles, riddles and brain teasers that'll make them scratch their heads and laugh out loud. Why not pre-prepare a pub quiz style game for your glamping trip?

6. Science, but make it fun! Our dark skies are perfect for a bit of star gazing. Bring out the astronomer in your teen by providing binoculars or a portable telescope.

Like the sound of a device-free weekend with the family? Check out our family bell tents and we'll see you soon!

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