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Milberry Green DIY: Making A Sign

Want to know how to custom-make your own signs? It's not that hard! Follow these simple steps

Start by picking out your timber and marking out the shape of your sign. This can be whatever you have to hand, or a plank of sawn timber from your local DIY shop.

Using a jig saw and orbital sander, cut out your design and sand it down. Alternatively, you can cut it with a hand tool and sand with sand paper. Remember to wear your PPE! (Dust mask, eye protectors and gloves.)

Apply some wood undercoat/primer paint and two coats of topcoat paint. You can buy these from the DIY shop if you have none at home.

Next, print your stencil with your chosen text/design. We just used normal A 4 printer paper, but if you have a long design you might have to split it over several sheets. Big bold letters work best.

Carefully cut out your stencil with a craft knife. Watch your fingers!

When the topcoat is bone dry, overlay your stencil onto your sign and dab with paint... don't brush, dab! (Tape the stencil down with masking tape to stop it slipping.)

Remove your stencil and apply a layer of lacquer or varnish to seal everything in.

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