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Milberry Green Meadows Crafts: How to Make Simple Cushions

You can find lots of instructions on the internet about how to make envelope-style cushion covers. These ones are even easier! They are great for using up scraps of material from other projects (like making your own curtains - see my blog here.) (As usual, I have included links to Amazon, and we receive a small commission if you buy anything from these.)

Start by assembling your supplies. You will need:

  • some fabric - I used the offcuts from some curtains I had made

  • a tape measure

  • pins

  • thread (in a colour to match your fabric)

  • fabric scissors

  • scissors for trimming thread etc - I have a pair of these stork scissors which are super cute

  • Velcro - I used this stick-on kind, but you can buy a sew-on kind too

  • either a sewing machine or a needle

  • cushion pads

Your first job is to measure out your fabric. Taking the size of your cushion pads as a guide, add on 4 cm all around for a seam allowance. If your cushion pads are 40 cm by 40 cm, you will need to measure out two square pieces of fabric measuring 44 cm by 44 cm.

Next, cut your fabric to the correct length using your fabric scissors.

Next, fold each of your squares at the bottom by 2 cm and pin in place. Using your sewing machine, sew along this edge to create a hem. (You can do this by hand, but a sewing machine is much faster if you can borrow one!)

Then place your two pieces of fabric back to back, so the hemmed edges are touching.

Next, sew the two pieces of fabric together around the remaining three edges, but not the hemmed edge. You can pin your fabric into place if necessary. You should now have a pouch with a hemmed open edge at the bottom.

Now it's time for the velcro. The velcro should come in a roll with a "hook" side and a "loop" side. Measure out a length of both kinds about 4 cm less than the size of your cushion pads. So for my cushions, which were 40cm by 40 cm I measured a 38 cm length of "loop" velcro and a 38 cm of "hook" velcro.

Next, stick your "hook" velcro carefully on one of your hemmed edges.

Wait 10 minutes to let the glue set, then turn your cushion cover over and stick on the "loop" strip of velcro, so that when you turn your cushion cover right side round, the hook and loop strips will stick to each other. Wait another 10 minutes.

Now turn your pouch right side round and insert your cushion pads through the opening. Seal the velcro and you are finished!

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