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Milberry Green Meadows - History of Glamping

Camping has been traced back to the 20th century, with the first known 'Campers Handbook' to have been published in 1908! However, what about Glamping?

6TH Century

Yurts, which are commonly used in glamping, were originally developed in Siberia by the Buryat Mongolian community around 600 BCE.

13th Century

As the Mongol Empire grew, countries like Turkey, Hungary, and Romania all adopted a popularity for the yurt. Yurts are still seen in rural Hungary and were highly common in Turkey up until the 1960s.

16th Century

For King James V and his mother, the first five-star camping facility was built in the Scottish Highlands. He personally outfitted it with items from his palace.

Following the Anglo-French treaty of 1514, a diplomatic summit known as the "Field of the Cloth of Gold" was held in France in 1520 to promote a relationship between King Henry VIII and King Francis I. There were about 2,800 tents and marquees, all encircled by fountains of red wine.

20th Century

Early in the 20th century, game-hunting adventures in Africa on safari became more and more popular. Luxury amenities like electric generators, folding bathtubs, and cases of champagne were common.

21st Century

In more recent years, glamping gained popularity in 2007, and it was formally added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2016.

The desire for a hassle-free and comfortable camping experience has led to the widespread popularity of glamping today.

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