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Milberry Green Meadows - Who Are We?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

We are Matthew and Moira. Following Moira's diagnosis of cancer in 2021, we decided we wanted to live, work, laugh and love together while running a values-based business in nature that makes people feel good and gives a little back.

With a love of the great outdoors, camping and music festivals, glamping seemed the way to go. We luckily found a Victorian cottage and its surrounding meadows where we could make our dream come true. With sweeping vistas, glorious pubs, fabulous restaurants, frequent wild visitors and few but friendly neighbours, we love our corner of the world and hope you will too.

We love nature and want to protect it – so we’re trying to live a simpler life with our own livestock, veggie garden and fruit trees. We endeavour to live in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. We want to share our discoveries with you, so don’t be surprised to find waterless toilets, low flow shower heads and eco-friendly toiletries on site.

So what is glamping? Glamping is a mash up of two words – glamorous and camping. It can range from slightly more comfortable camping (like our bell tents) to full-on five-star luxury. Glamping is up there as one of the great all-time compromises in history. For those who love the outdoors but can’t face life without a real bed there is glamping.

Camping in snow is not for everyone!

So what can you expect from Milberry Green Meadows?

The principles for our glampsite are as follows:

  • We keep it small and exclusive – we are not a holiday park

  • Happy children = happy parents – we provide plenty of fun for little ones

  • Nature nurtures – we focus on the great outdoors and keeping it green

  • We make it easy – we provide a comfortable, relaxed environment without the stress and hard work of traditional camping

  • We make it memorable - by providing activities for all the family and engaging our creativity

  • It’s not a five-star hotel – but we do want our guests to feel spoiled

  • We make it unique – you won’t find another place like it in the world

  • We are inclusive – we want to make as many people as possible happy

If you leave feeling like you’ve never experienced anything quite like this before then we’ve done our job!

Feeling inspired... take a look at our accommodation here.


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