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Shepherds Huts - What Even are They? + Bonus Shepherds Hut Update!


Shepherd's Huts History

Shepherd's Huts are small cabins that have been used since the 16th century by shepherds and farmers in the UK and in France, as a practical place to stay while guarding flocks of sheep.

The first ever evidence of a shepherd's hut was in Leonard Mascal's 1596 work entitled 'Government of Cattel'. Designs would vary from farmer to farmer, however, the hut would act as a kitchen, workplace, bedroom and sitting room all in one!

By the mid-1900s many huts lay abandoned due to the arrival of mechanised farming, leaving many traditional methods of farming behind, including the need for a shepherd to have a place to rest nearby.

Today, shepherd's huts are used as a workshop, a garden office, a home and Glamping!

What are they Made out of?

Shepherd's huts are usually 12 foot long and 6-7 foot wide, however some can be up to 20ft in length! Traditionally, curved corrugated iron is used for the roof to allow rainwater to run off. It was natural to use recycled cast iron wheels and corrugated iron side panels however after World War One, metal was in much shorter supply so it became more popular to use wood for the chassis and the hut cladding. There would be windows on both sides so the farmers could keep a close eye on their flocks. Many huts would have a number of steps leading up to the entrance. They would be designed to be narrow and unsteady so that the sheep would struggle to get in!

What's inside?

Inside an original shepherds hut would include a straw bed at the rear end, a fold out table for work and eating and a storage area containing tools and medicines. A cast iron stove was essential for cooking and warmth and an authentic feature of a shepherds hut.

In a more modern shepherds hut, some features inside may not have changed such as a fold out table, a wood burning stove and a bed (usually not straw though!). In addition, a kitchen area, seating area, an ensuite and potentially even a TV! Shepherds huts interiors vary dependent on its uses and how 'off-grid' the owners want to be!


What about MIlberry Green's Shepherd Huts?

We recently had our first huts delivered! It was an especially muddy drop off but a very exciting day for Milberry Green and so much more fun to come!

Click on the pictures below to scroll through them...


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